Cleopatra Group

Abou El Enein Foundation

Since its establishment in 1983, Cleopatra Group has been committed towards corporate social responsibility, spurring a wheel of change and development in its surrounding community. In 2001, Cleopatra Group established an independent social institution named “Abou El Enein Social Institution”.

Mr. Abou El Enein was trying to build a momentum behind Abou El Enein Foundation as he believed that the future resides in those younger generations and the only way to build up the community is out-innovating, out-educating and out-building our youth. Abou El Enein Institution gave priority to the development of education and literacy, in addition to its contribution to the improvement of health care, and the establishment of small and micro-enterprises for women with the lowest income.


Healthcare is one of the most pressuring issues addressing the Egyptian society. Abou El Enein Foundation has come forth to take strategic endeavors to support national causes in the health arena supporting the wellbeing of the less privileged segments of the Egyptian society.

The foundation is supporting health issues not only via donations and medical convoys but also by expanding clinics to lower income people.

Women Empowerment

The Foundation achieved remarkable results in supporting women through the establishment of small and micro-enterprises for women with the lowest income to ensure. Thus supporting job proliferation for them and securing viable sources for sustainable income and their skill set development.

Mohammed Abou El Enein medical convoy for comprehensive early detection of tumors in conjunction with the Egyptian Foundation for fighting breast cancer, in order to instill awareness about the importance of early detection and the possibility of a full treatment and recovery.

Acknowledgments of Mr. Abou El Enein social role

  • Awarded by “Middle East Broadcasting Network” referendum held in 2000 and 2001 as “The best businessman with regards to community service”.
  • Honored by the American University in Cairo in recognition for his community role.
  • Honored by “57357 Hospital for Children’s Cancer Treatment”, as one of the pioneers in supporting the hospital, starting when it was just an idea until it became a global medical monument.
  • Honored by Her Excellency the Minister of Social Solidarity in recognition to the efforts of Sada El Balad Network Channels against any form of addiction.