Mohamed Abou El Enein: «River Nile is a “red line” that cannot be crossed»

Mohamed Abou El Enein, businessman and chairman of Cleopatra Group, said that Nile Museum documents the Nile’s history and its power, and it also stores documents showing the distribution of the Niles’s water and Egypt’s share in it.

He added: «River Nile has been Egypt’s vein of life throughout the whole history. We are following our forefathers steps and will preserve its water and will not give up on our right, and I hope that the Renaissance dam crisis would end peacefully in reference to the historic treaties signed throughout history».

Abou El Enein continued during his interview on Sada El Balad channel from inside the Nile Museum in Aswan: «Ethiopia is currently trying to change the historic documents but we will not give up on our rights, as river Nile is a red line that cannot be crossed».

He expressed his hope in solving the current crisis between Egypt and Ethiopia peacefully with the interference of African countries, adding: «We love Ethiopian people and we are dealing with each other in a respectful manner up till this moment».